Thursday, October 6, 2011

Current Input(s)

What I'm Listening To:

Everything That Happens Will Happen Today
by David Byrne and Brian Eno (2008)

One of my favorite recent purchases, and for sure of David Byrne's best non-Talking Heads albums.  An album about aging that is not maudlin or self-pitying and that actually rocks.  Grown up music that's still invigorating.  Three and a half stars.  (Out of five)

What I'm Reading

Dead Souls
by Nikolai Gogol

I keep intending to stop reading this book but then I keep reading.  I think that says something about its hidden depths.  Either that or my hidden persistence.  It has no real story, instead the author just follows around a would-be entrepeneur as he meets and talks to various members of Russian society.  It fees like a documentary, or a piece of New Journalism a hundred years avant la lettre.  Except it's not--it's a novel.  One that I never look forward to reading, but always think about with interest when I'm done.  Three stars.

What I'm Watching

Samurai Assassin
by Kihachi Okamato

Decent but uninspring.  A displaced ronin joins a conspiracy to murder an important samurai daimyo.  He is compelled to make increasingly difficult and painful sacrifices in order to help the conspirators until ultimately he leans (too late) that the daimyo he has plotted to kill is in fact his own father.  Two and a half stars.

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