Monday, September 6, 2010

"It's finished when it no longer belongs to you"

Brian Eno has always been an artistic hero of mine.  (I think he's the Ezra Pound of our generation).  This interview with him, which I just found on Pitchfork, is well worth reading, containing as it does so many insights like the one below:
I'm old enough to remember exactly what happened to ABBA. When ABBA were around, to admit that you liked them would have condemned you to absolute coventry. No one would talk to you because you liked ABBA, because they were considered to be hopelessly pointless pop. Now, of course, everyone likes ABBA. Everyone realizes that they made some great music, and you're allowed to like them now. Kitsch is a way that posh people admit to themselves that they like things that ordinary people like. In my opinion.

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