Monday, March 23, 2009

Seen and Known

At ASWOBA recently, John linked to a music critic who reviewed songs using no more than six words. (To help clarify he also awarded stars.) I love the idea and intend to use it for movie reviews from now on. Here are thoughts on some of my recent viewings. In the interest of change, my rating system will run from one (worst) to seven (best).

Burn After Reading: Does not add up. (* * *)

Crossroads featuring Def Leppard and Taylor Swift: No one is Def Leppard. Even them.  (****)

Winter Light: The church is bare.  (****)

Pretty Young Things: Fizz only hurts the head.  (* *)

Ninotchka: Communist delight? No.  (* *)

2046: Time is longing. Both are infinite. (****)


Cartooniste said...


I need a reader.

You have room on your docket for a short story? I need someone to tell me what's the matter with it.

Besides its essential coldheartedness, of course.

Katherine said...

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist: I am in love with Michael Cera. (****)