Tuesday, November 4, 2008

At The Courthouse

Well, it's happened.  As of 9:30 AM this morning, we are homeowners.  At least, we are allowed to become homeowners, according to a California Probate Judge.  We still have to sign papers and all sorts of other fun stuff later, but assuming nothing goes horribly awry in the next few days, by Sunday we will have the keys to our first house.  Pretty exciting.

I have already concocted a scheme to turn our backyard into a local pit-fighting arena, for the amusement of the neighborhood youths.  I figure with ticketing and concessions we could essentially get the house to pay for itself in the first year.  My wife is skeptical.

That's the problem with wives.  Mention a backyard to them and they think "I can plant basil."   Or "we can sit outside on the porch and look at the stars."   They don't have the vision to see it as the blood-spattered combat zone it can, and should, become.

We can't move in for about a month, during which time a number of small and medium-sized repairs must be made.  (If any of you want to come install new pipes, send an email).   But after that, our own place....   Very neat.

Adulthood inches ever-closer.


JMW said...

Congrats! I can't wait to come and trash the place...

Dezmond said...

Awesome! You will love homeownership. I sure do. Toilets to fix. Grass to mow. Endless home projects that your wife will come up with. Property taxes. Insurance. You'll love it.

Johannes said...

Congratulations! That's awesome! How about some pictures?

ANCIANT said...

We're going to buy new toilets tomorrow. I learned, from our plumber, by the way, that you should always spend AT LEAST 80$ on a toilet. Anything you get for around 40 bucks, he said, will be bad. Spend at least eighty, and you're fine.

Live and learn.

Doesn't that seem pretty cheap, still? 80 bucks? For a toilet. I don't know.

Pictures are on the way.