Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Philip, Wake Up

I keep thinking about this scene. It's from Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me. Bowie does a Southern accent and sheds light (sort of) on some of the lingering mysteries of the series. My favorite line--the one that made me think of this in the first place--was with me when I woke up today. "I've BEEN to one of their meetings!"


Johannes said...

I'm so mad right now. I wrote an almost identical scene in my screenplay that I'm, tryng to sell to Disney/PIXAR called "Flopsy the Rabbit Goes to the County Fair." Oh well, back to the drawing board.

Did you say that sheds light on something? Incredible.

Johannes said...
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Seb said...

Who do you think this is there?

Let's rock.

Anonymous said...

It sheds light on something within the context of the movie, but not a lot, really. I mean, Lynch isn't the most 'light filled' of directors. But the meeting! Of course you really haven't appreciated this scene unless you've heard Seb imitate the little man.

And I'll still maintain that the movie is the worst of the various Twin Peaks installments (first season being best, second being second).

John, the problem with your County Fair idea is how much of it is stolen from "Eraserhead." But then I think you already know that.


Seb said...

It's one of those little gems in Lynch - it can mean something, or noELECTRICITYthing, depending on the viewer, and Lynch is fairly honest about being ok with that.

On the other hand, he's given us a very signEVIL SORCERERS, DUGPAS THEY CALL THEMificant scene at the beginning of the movie - the bit with Lil - that defines some of the semiotic terms of the film and challenges the viewer to look for shades of meaning. The disappearance of Chester Desmond - the Owl ring - the nightmare of Annie Blackburn ("I'm Annie. I've been with Laura, and I've been with Dale...") - and the very, very strange nature of this scene YOU THINK I'M MAD. OVERWORKED. GO AWAY.are all part of a continuum. Phil Jeffries (who is not going to talk about Judy) spells it out for us: "We are living inside a dream."

Heady stuff. Bryan wants all his Garmonbozia - no, wait, I AM THE ARM, AND I SOUND LIKE THISwe have plenty of that at the office. He's been bugging me to resume my attempt to write The Bookhouse Boys. It's one of Gordon's Blue Rose cases, but IF I TELL YOU THESE THINGS, AND THEY TURN OUT TO BE TRUE, THEN WILL YOU BELIEVE ME?I can't tell you about that. I can only remind you that the good Dale is A FORMICA TABLEin the Lodge, and he can't leave. Let's rock.