Wednesday, September 5, 2007

This and That

I'm sorry I've neglected the blog this last week. I've been working madly on a teleplay, and when I get in my manic writing phases (MUST FINISH MUST FINISH MUST FINISH) I resent being involved in any other literary endeavor. And blogging, as I've learned in the last few months, is hard. It amazes me that John and Kate (plug plug!) manage to put out such elegant and thought-provoking posts with such consistency. Amazes and depresses me. Everyone writes so damn well!

So anyway, here's what's been going on in my life:

-I'm reading a book of short stories by David Gates called The Wonders of The Invisible World. Gates wrote the introduction to my copy of Little Dorrit, through which I slogged, as a knife might through a particularly tedious and deeply-frozen chunk of butter, this spring. I love Dickens, but Little Dorrit? I don't think so. The stories typically center around embittered intellectuals living in and around New York. But the writing is good, and there's enough wit and insight to lift it above the usual generic short story mush.

-The wife and I just finished the second season of The Wire. Wow. It's hard to praise the series as deeply as it deserves. The most significant thing I can think to say is that on three consecutive nights last week I had dreams that featured characters from the show. The only other TV that's done that to me was The Sopranos. If you walk through the garden, you better watch your back. (MAN I love Bunk! And Omar, of course. Has there even been a more stylish and charismatic criminal?)

-This weekend I'm going to Vegas. On Saturday, I'm playing a Celebrity Hold'Em Tournament at the Hard Rock Casino. You never know for sure--some celebrities take poker very seriously--but the poker skill of your average actor/rock singer/rap star is about equal to the field goal-kicking skill of your average 6 year old. Let's hope I catch some cards. Reports will follow, unless I bust out early on a runner-runner suckout. Then, they probably won't.


JMW said...

Who are the celebrities you're playing against?? Good luck with the cards...

The Wire is beyond praise. I just finished the second season for the second time (girlfriend hadn't seen it, so now she's caught up and we can watch season 3 together). So, so good. Bunk - yes. Everyone - yes.

David Gates' novel Jernigan was quite good, I thought. And I like him as a critic.

And thanks for the plug.

Cartooniste said...

Thanks for the plug, Mr. Sweetness.

L is teaching season 2 of the Wire this fall, as I think he mentioned to you. Tried to get the guy to come to his class, but the guy is out of the country. A bummer.

If you see Hayden Christensen, tell him that I would like to have him for my pet.

Bryan said...

Yeah, wow, Kate's blog is much better than yours.

*modifies bookmark*