Sunday, September 16, 2007

Spotted: D-List Celebs!

The wife and I had a funny little LA moment on Friday. We went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner--a dive-y neighborhood place--and found a cameraman and producer set up in the main dining area. Turns out one of the couples (Heidi and...some guy?) from "The Hills" was eating there. The crew had come to record. Diners seated in the main room were being asked to sign release forms.

We ended up sitting directly across them (no camera though: they'd gone by then). Both looked supremely bored to be in each other's presence. At different points in the conversation they each talked or texted other people on their cell phone.

And she is REALLY thin. Unpleasantly so. Her arms look like pieces of balsa. Yech.

It was 6:30, too. Seems early for glamorous young Hollywood-ites to eat. But probably they were going to some big party that night. Or something.


JMW said...

If you're trying to make me feel better about living in New York, it's working. Damn fake celebrities...

Cartooniste said...

I used to enjoy celebrity-watching when I lived in New York. It's like birdwatching, where you can have a life list. Some of my prized sightings:
1. Barbra Streisand (observed my college English class)
2. Cameron Diaz (shopping in Soho)
3. That woman who played Mrs. Robinson whose name I have forgotten - Anne something, dead now, was married to Mel Brooks (walking down Madison Avenue)
4. the guy who played Remington Steele and James Bond, incredibly I have also forgotten his name (shooting a film at my college)
5. Ben Stiller (shooting a different film at my college, surprisingly short)
6. Robert Sean Leonard (attending some kind of class at my college, in a baseball cap)
Celebrity watching! The pastime of the postmodern generation.

a-dawg said...

It's Anne Bancroft and Pierce Brosnan, cartooniste. And Mr. Blog, "some guy" is named SPENCER (naturally). MC's act like they don't KNOW.