Sunday, July 12, 2015

Say You Don't Want To Chance It

A large part of me, at this point, is inclined to do nothing but post Yes videos for, like, the next twelve posts.

Because, I mean, I'm not joking.  The more I watch that "Leave It" video, the more my deep love for Yes is rekindled.  And I feel, kind of, that people who hate on Yes, are going to be destroyed when the Revolution comes.

At least, I hope that'll be the case.


Dezmond said...

See JMW. ANCIANT has posted two videos of awesomeness and they are both from just one record. We could go through the whole Yes discography, posting awesome videos for years to come.

JMW said...

I like this song. But isn't this song widely regarded as their conscious play for '80s radio money, and not really indicative of the rest of their work?

ANCIANT said...

90125 was their most (and arguably, only) commercially successful album, that's true. From what I know, and have read about Yes, the success was not something they sought deliberately. Maybe a bit like Green for REM? I.e.: it became a big commercial hit but the band was as surprised as anyone that that happened.

It is true, though, that 90125 was the first album to feature Trevor Rabin (the guitarist who looks a like lot Nigel Tufnel) and Rabin had a more mainstream sensibility.