Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Best Link of The Week?

I heartily recommend you check out this post over on The Corner.  It's about what happens when an entitled bitchy NYC feminista (who naturally blogs for Jezebel) is refused service at a hipster NYC tattoo parlor.  Opening graph:
This is, unquestionably, my favorite story of the week. Thanks to Glenn Reynolds, I ran across one of the more absurd P.C. meltdowns I’ve ever seen (and that’s saying a lot). A Jezebel blogger pitched an online fit after a tattoo artist denied her request for a neck tattoo. Her post, titled in Jezebel’s oh-so-winsome style, “Don’t Tell Me I Can’t Get a F**king Neck Tattoo” (edited since this is a family blog), relates the sad tale. She wanted to get a tattoo of her daughter’s name on her neck, had been warned that some tattoo artists might not like to do that, but pressed on to “hipster-est tattoo parlor in New York City” anyway. The following exchange took place between Jane Marie (the blogger) and Dan (the tattoo artist):
Dan: “And then you want your daughter’s name… on your neck?” Shakes head left to right.
Me: “What.”
Dan: “Not gonna happen.”
Me: “Wait, what? Why?”
Dan: “It’ll look tacky. It’s just tacky.” 
Me: “Wait, you’re telling me what will look tacky on me? Don’t I get to decide that?”
Dan: “A neck tattoo on someone without a lot of tattoos is like lighting a birthday candle on an unbaked cake.”
Does she react well?  She does not.  But Dan--who turns out to be a highly righteous dude--does not back down.  Read the rest here....


Dezmond said...

Dan may be our country's best hope for the future

Cartooniste said...

"Profane mockery and identity politics" come in for criticism in that article on National Review, but interestingly enough, profane mockery and identity politics were exactly the method of so-called criticism that a writer for NR used to try to take down Mr. Cartooniste recently. The writer pointed to Mr. C's employment history and prep-school attendance as evidence that he has no business writing about poverty. (Let's leave aside, for the moment, the fact that Mr. C actually grew up in poverty. The NR, turns out, gets all its character-assassination ammunition from Wikipedia.)

Pot? Kettle? Anyone? Bueller....?