Tuesday, April 15, 2014

"He looked a lot like Izzy Stradlin"

The problem is, even if I were to post, what would it obtain?  I've been thinking, in reference to my readers, about poker a lot.  And Roxy Music.  And The Hold Steady (to wit: their new album).

My wife has just put up a bunch of framed photos in our hallway.  So that, in exiting the bathroom, I'm inevitably confronted with an image of my wife's Grandfather, ca 1944, wearing full military regalia, and staring into the future with hope and joy.  It's not a little disconcerting.  I want to say to him...something.  Then I think how much I loathe the Tom Brokaw "Greatest Generation" thesis--even while I value and honor anyone who went over there, to shoot at other 20 year olds.  Now I think of Randall Jarrell--"it was not dying, everybody died...."  God, that's a good poem.

I haven't much enjoyed Roxy Music, is the thing.  The later stuff I like -- some.  It reminds me--a lot--of David Sylvian.  But in a diminished, unpowerful way.  I know I'm supposed to think otherwise.  But I don't.

I've been reading A LOT about Pale Fire.  And then I read some Knausgaard.  But who has not?

And for poker, I have rediscovered a love for the game, probably because I've been fortunate, recently, to play with beloved friends.  So I started to think about sending out emails with hypothetical situations, and we could talk about the details and I could propose my thoughts.  But then, I just come off as some kind of knowledgeable one.  As some kind of expert.  I mean, I don't want to lead or know things.  I don't.  I know nothing.  I can barely read.  Or function, as an adult.

But I can play poker.  The result of many wasted hours.  So here's a scenario, for all you would-bes to think on.


You hold KQh, UTG.  (We're playing 1-3.  Because we know how futile it all is).  You raise to 8.  You get three callers.  The button then re-raises, to 22.

What do you do?

You have no especial reads on any of the players.

* * * * Scenario Two * * * *

A loose, donk-ish player open raises UTG to eight.  Three players call.  You're in the button with A6o.  What do you do?


Subliminal Gary said...

First of all, this is a very poorly concealed gambit to solicit unneeded insight with which to take your friends' money. Secondly, here's some insight. I'll just mail you a check.

I call in both situations for the same reason: I'm playing 1-3 and know how futile it all is.

In the first scenario, I'm expecting either (a) to draw at least two more calls by calling myself, or (b) for the final player to re-raise all in and force me to fold my hand like a wuss. When the flop inevitably comes with two hearts (but not the ace), I pull out my wallet to ready another buy-in.

In the second scenario, I feel like AJ or better would have re-raised against Loui-, I mean the donk. So I might as well get in there. If I'm lucky enough to flop two pair, I make the A9 pay. If not, I can still probably bet him out of the pot by representing two pair with a big raise. No ace on the flop, it's the easiest hand in the world to fold.

ANCIANT said...

I"m going to wait a bit to see how many responses I get before I chime back in.

But, note that I changed the second scenario from AJ to A6, Gary. Obviously did so after your post went up, not seeing it. Thought the change was meaningful.

ANCIANT said...

Also--I meant to have the first hand be KQ off. Which I'm going to now add as SCENARIO THREE. If anyone wants to respond to both of those varieties.

Cartooniste said...

I fold and go finish my pilot screenplay.

Subliminal Gary said...

Sometimes I doubt your commitment to Sparkle Motion.

JMW said...

Some of this would depend on how big my stack was, which is one reason I’m a bad poker player. In scenario one, I fold. Already not thrilled about three people calling my 8 when I’m looking for a flush, I’m really, really not thrilled about the 22. Don’t want to throw good money after bad. When the flop comes Ah-7h-3h, I go bang my head against the bathroom wall for a few minutes.

In scenario two, I fold because I’m not suited. If it was the donk and one caller, I might play. But three callers is too many when I’m unsuited.

I’m sure both my answers are wrong, and I look forward to learning why.

JMW said...
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JMW said...

Also, I'm curious about the Hold Steady and Knausgaard thoughts hinted at in this post. Share them. My feeling about the new HS album is that the production is god-awful. There's a live version of "The Ambassador" online that I like a lot, and I think some of the songs are good underneath the generic radio-rock-circa-2010 production.

Haven't read the Knausgaard, but have the first two volumes at hand, ready for whenever.

Subliminal Gary said...

If you don't loosen up, Mr. Williams, Tim won't be able to take all your chips.

I'm curious to hear about Hold Steady, too. I've enjoyed the latest album increasingly with every listen. It may well be underproduced, but I'm not sure that crimps their style overly. They pretty much forever guaranteed their place in my heart with The Bear and the Maiden Fair.

JMW said...

I think it's over-produced, actually. Too glossy for them. But they're forever in my heart, too. I'll keep giving the new one a chance.

Subliminal Gary said...

That makes much more sense! Danger Mouse can't produce every album, though...