Tuesday, August 14, 2012

"I hate this so much"

My friend, ASWOBA, posted this on Facebook, but in case any of my eight readers didn't see it, I'm going to repost.  It's the account of two diners eating at a restaurant called "Dans Le Noir" in New York City.  The gimmick is that the dining room where you eat is kept completely dark.  As in, pitch black.  You eat your whole meal without seeing anything (or anyone).

And is it horrible?  Oh yes.  It is horrible.

Two samples from the article:

EaterGM: We talked about this several times during the hour and a half, but the only thing that got us through there was just blind faith that we weren't going to die.
EaterAK: I think it's funny that I was worried about making small talk with strangers before going in, because once we were in the dark room, all I could think of was getting out of there.
EaterGM: The only thing. So, the waitress comes over and explains that we'd have to pour water into glasses by sticking our fingers in the glasses.

* * * 
EaterAK: I should note that while we're eating we are sitting in this dark room, it's VERY loud and very stuffy.
EaterGM: Oh, extremely. Yes, like a subway car during rush hour.
EaterAK: And every ten minutes or so one of the waiters yells for everyone to be quiet, and then it revs up again. Our waitress explained that it's due to the fact that you don't know how close you are to people so you just yell. I noticed my throat hurt afterwards.
EaterGM: Ha yeah, we were screaming at each other the entire time. "WHAT DOES YOUR FOOD TASTE LIke?" "I HATE THIS AMANDA." "IT"S HORRIBLE." "I HATE THIS SO MUCH."


Barbara Carlson said...

"The one good thing, and thank god for this, is the food came quickly. We had three courses in a little over an hour."

That's quickly? -- obviously I don't know fine dining.

A good read. thanks!

The waiters must be wearing night goggles... ya think?

Barbara Carlson said...

P.S. Loved the photos!

ANCIANT said...

Hey, Barbara, haven't heard from you in a while. Hope things are all right?

I was wondering about the waiters as well. Maybe their eyes just adjust? I also liked how the place wasn't allowing itself to be reviewed by any newspaper. I guess they know how horrible they are!

Barbara Carlson said...

I'm back! And very well. I have spent six months over the last10 or so in California with my dying parents and getting rid of a vindictive con man who had infiltrated my demented father's life and my nephew's. But I got to spend all that time with my great sister. We are very close and even telepathic :)

I'll check in again. And comment as time allows -- still catching up with my life here.

But if the waiter's eyes adjusted, so would the diners' eyes -- it sounds like they don't. Nope, I think it's night goggles.

It all sounds horrible -- they could feed you ANYthing! and have you pay for the pleasure...

ANCIANT said...

Wow. I'd love to hear the story about the con man. If it's not too painful. That sounds pretty amazing. Sorry to hear about your parents, but glad you got to spend time with your sister.

Cartooniste said...

I agree. The pictures were really the best part.

As a kid I used to love to blindfold myself and grope around the house for no apparent reason. It was a totally different way of experiencing the world, so I can see why this concept sounded worthwhile. Or was able to get funded, anyway. But even so - it sounds terrifying.