Friday, September 23, 2011

"It baffles me that grown people must convince themselves that those with whom they disagree are stupid or malevolent.”

I highly recommend this fascinating and thought-provoking consideration of George W. Bush written by a former Washington Post reporter who had an opportunity to get to know him--well--over a number of years.  Whatever you think of his presidency or his politics, this is worth your time.  The comments beneath also bear looking at.


Dezmond said...

Great article. I read 'Decision Points' (and reviewed it on my blog), and I was impressed with W., agree with him or not. It bothered me throughout his presidency the vehement criticism and anger, no matter what he did. I remember thinking that the guy could find a cure for cancer and the Left would still hate him. It was beyond reason. Funny, the same is true of Obama's critics.

ANCIANT said...

Absolutely. Unfortunately in my case I became so disgusted and contemptuous of the Bush-haters that I ignored all of their warnings and criticism, just though some of it was.

What must struck me about this article was that the author admitted he hadn't voted for GW. He was still able to open himself to the man's virtues, despite disagreeing with him on fundamental issues. Yes!

Also: can you imagine a similar article being written about Rick Perry? I find the idea of Perry secretly ploughing through a book about Basho or Truman impossible to conceive. I doubt Perry even knows who Truman is.