Wednesday, December 1, 2010

"Then the...whispers began"

From the review section, you MUST READ these reviews.  The product in question is a set of 6000 dollar speaker cables.  (Yeah, I said cables--not speakers.)  At a minimum, read both the "most positive" and "most negative"--both are inspired.

It makes me have hope in human kind, stuff like this....

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Barbara Carlson said...

Sure! @ six thousand, but on closer look at the site -- $6,800 -- I balked. But they ARE reduced...

The second review reminds me of the silly Monty Python skit re the funniest joke in the world that killed everyone who heard it, died laughing.


Feeling better?

ANCIANT said...

Well, the medication hasn't arrived yet. Even then, it's said to take a month or so to start to really work. In the meantime, I think my body is starting to compensate on its own. We'll see.

Barbara Carlson said...

Has Bink seen this? esp. #3

And, does he have a little outfit picked out for Xmas?
Are we going to see it?

ANCIANT said...

Well those are excellent, of course.

We have one or maybe two sets of same lying around the house. I think last year we put them on him but they didn't fit very well? Or maybe they fit fine, but they were too affronting to Bink's pride.

No, wait. That's not possible.

I definitely need to get some pictures of him in Christmas garb up on the site, though--for sure. How happy that will make the wife....

Barbara Carlson said...

I found out why normal dogs in costumes look so tentative and sadly meek -- when you press something over their heads and shoulders they think it is an alpha dog leaning on them forcefully, disciplining them.

But I seem to remember your Bink in a hat looking quite the opposite, but then I said "normal" dogs that still think they are dogs and not precious equals in a stable family environment. And do post more pics of the dear lad.

Re your body "compensating".. don't bank on it.
Take the meds asap before other hormones, etc. -- that rely on a proper level of thyroid hormone -- also go wonky.