Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Zero Point Four Grams??

That Mitchell and Webb Look is a skit show on BBC America. Well worth checking out. The clip below should be especially appreciated by the Bond fans among you.


Dezmond said...

"I won't need luck." "Suave, you're going to a casino."

JMW said...

"It's going to be close, that's the point."

Hilarious. I hadn't heard of that show.

ANCIANT said...

You can find many more clips on YouTube. Most are at least good and some are outstanding. The two guys also do a more standard, sitcom-ish type show (with a continuous plot) called "Peep Show." It's also worth watching.

My favorite moment in this clip, btw, is when the dealer pushes the fruit cake over to Suave with his croupier stick. So funny.

Johannes said...

outstandingly my kind of humor.