Friday, November 6, 2009

What The Fasionable Dog Will Be Wearing This Fall

For my wife, dressing up our dog in fun seasonally-themed outfits is a standing temptation. The pumpkin-hat seen here is a little big, but I think Bink makes it work. When you have this much style, it needs to be shared.

Christmas, by the way, is going to be something.


Barbara Carlson said...

I don't know what I like best about this entry -- the insane cuteness of your hatted Bink or your line, "....but I think Bink makes it work," is my favorite, but
"...standing tempation" is a very close second.

I have forwarded this entry and many, many more
re Bink to a friend for her to enjoy.

Thanks again for writing your blog. MORE, please.

ANCIANT said...

Thanks so much for the encouragement. I know things have been sparse of late. I would blog more but at this point any time I spend in front of a keyboard that's not spent working on my screenplay (or pilot) is time I feel guilty about. I'm about to give myself a break, since a rough draft is days away from completion. Should be more blogging then.

By the way, Bink appreciates your comments about the hat. Despite the quiet disdain he showed in the photos, he really enjoyed wearing it.

Barbara Carlson said...

If your screenplay is anything like your blog writing style, I'll be the first one in the cinema line-up.

And thanks for always responding to my COMMENTS. If more bloggers did that, the more comments they'd get, I do believe.

JMW said...

You should really post some kind of warning before unleashing (no pun intended) cuteness like that.

Johannes said...

This makes the world a better place. My world anyway.

History 245 said...

oh my cute!