Friday, January 16, 2009

Virgin Auction

Depending on your perspective, this is either the end of the world or...uhm...not the end of the world.  Well, no.  From no perspective is it the end of the world.  But it is incredible.  Apparently a 22-year old girl has decided to auction off her virginity to the highest bidder.  It's being coordinated by Dennis Hof, who owns and runs The Bunny Ranch, a legalized bordello in Nevada.  (Dennis will be familiar to all you watchers of HBO's Late-Night "Adult" show, "Cathouse."  Come on.  Don't pretend you haven't seen it.)

So how much would you sell your virginity for?  Well, Natalie is going to get 3.8 million.  Yep.  You read it right.  3.8 million.  Not bad.  Forgetting for a second what it says about the man who would pay that much to have sex with a virgin, doesn't that seem like a pretty good deal?  I know; my perspective is not relevant here.  (Most men I know would have sold their virginities for 3.8 dollars, and been happy to have ended up ahead on the deal.)  I'm curious to hear what my female readers think.  Is it disgusting?  (Well, yes).  But, more to the point: would you do it?  3.8 million is a LOT of money.  One night of ickiness and you're set for life.

You can read more about it here.


Cartooniste said...

Well, gosh.
I mean, it's potentially pretty awful no matter who you do it with, right? Sure. So in a sense, good on her.
Is this any different from just picking up a guy in a bar and getting it over with that way, as some people wind up doing? Maybe it's better.
What's aggravating is the lack of right of refusal. It seems like one would want to have some strict criteria to be eligible to bid. Maybe you have to be within a given age range, provide proof of disease-free-ness, and write an essay about why you would be a good candidate.
Then again, she could just lose her virginity to a very nice young man, also a virgin at the time, whom she has known for awhile, and go on to write a commercial novel several years later if she wants to sell out. That's, you know, another option.

Johannes said...

She's brilliant. Savvy.

JMW said...

Cartooniste makes good points, which lead to questions about other good points. If you're a millionaire, why do you have to pay $3.8 million for a highly publicized, auctioned virgin? Couldn't you find some local virgins -- at the bars that Cartooniste mentions -- who might do it for, I don't know, a couple of thousand?

Brilliant idea of "writing an essay about why you would be a good candidate." I would LOVE to read those essays.

I'll have to go back and read the post, but -- how is this legal?

Tim said...

If you read the article, you learn that the girl in question does, in fact, retain the right to refuse. Candidates for her virginity are being screened by the Dennis dude; he brings her the top bidders and she gets to reject or accept depending on...whatever factors she values. So it's not all about the money, although I would assume that the top bidder has a big advantage over the 2nd, 3rd, and so on.

It's legal, I guess, because the actual act is going to occur in Nevada, in one of the counties there where prostitution is allowed.

JWM, I take your point about the person doing the bidding. Anyone who has this much money to throw away probably could spend a lot less in other contexts and get more or less the same thing. Or could they? I have no idea, having never had 3.8 million, or anywhere near it, or any desire to pay for sex. (Note that I did not say any NEED to pay for sex. I've definitely had that.) For sure the guy in this deal is by far a weirder, sketchier quantity than the girl.

I don't know. This story fascinates me for some reason. There is something cannily brilliant about it. As Cartooniste says, it (first time) will probably be awful anyway. Why not mitigate its awfulness with a large cash payment?

It's destined to be a movie. That I know.

Anonymous said...

I would happily sell my remaining man virginity for 3.8 million. I'm not into guys, but jesus, 3.8 million dollars? For reals? Put that in even low-returning TIPS, and even after inflation you are set. Just pop some roofies beforehand.