Monday, February 4, 2008


This is longish, but well worth your time. It will appeal especially to fans of horror, the Twilight Zone, British comedy, and parody--in other words, every male I know.

Hat tip: ColdBacon


Seb said...

The 70s vintage music - strongly reminiscent of In Search Of... - really elevates this bit, though the accents are also very, very funny.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I also love some of the moments in the hospital. But my favorite part is the "commentary" done later by the principles. The producer talking about this could "never be done now"--spot on. The note of self-congratulation, the total lack of critical perspective.

Also, Garth's leather jacket.

This is part of a series which was on BBC briefly. It acquired a cult following after it was cancelled; the episodes should be available on DVD soon.

JMW said...

"A sick parody of womanhood." That's a memoir title waiting to happen.

This was hysterical. What was the series called? I was disappointed when it cut off at the end. I want more.

Anonymous said...

You can find all the episodes, including the remainder of this one, over at YouTube.

I've had the phrase "it will shit you up" in my head since I saw it.