Thursday, June 14, 2007

I'll Be Back

Sorry I've been so long out of touch. I got back from Lima last week. Three days later, I went to Los Angeles. (It looks like I AM going to be joining the road cast of Les Miz. Probably as Colette.) Now I'm back. I have posts in the hopper about Lima, The Hold Steady (who I saw in Houston last week), Los Angeles, the Dali Lama, The Song of Solomon, and term-life insurance.

Some of them, anyway.

Next week I'm going to have to pack my apartment and move to Los Angeles. So, blogging may be light. I'm hoping before I leave to at least post about Peru. I also have some thoughts on Cormac McCarthy's new novel (Gravity's Rainbow), but I'm finding it hard to get them down in a coherent manner. Rest assured, however, that the thoughts, such as they are, are devastatingly and life-alteringly brilliant. (My keyboard bursts into flames whenever I try to type them).

Oh, and I've played a little poker.

A very little.

Or, as they say in Peru, "a muy little."

Spanish! It's fun.


JMW said...

I am hungry for more blogging. And for word on the Hold Steady (even though I got a sneak preview). So, so hungry...

Cartooniste said...

i'm just hungry for tim.
just so you know, we now have a guest room. a real one.
ok, so it's very small. tiny. microscopic, in fact. but it's real! and there's a bed in it that doesn't inflate.
someone is cooking veggie bacon, and when that happens i respond like pepe le pew when he gets picked up and wafted along on a skein of aroma with his paws lifted off the ground.